Dog Behavior & Training – Level 1

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education

Please check “SCHEDULE” page for class dates.

Class Days and Times:
Thurs. 6:00-8:30 pm | Sat. 3:00-5:30 pm

Cost: $4,000 plus $140.00 administrative fee.
(Pre-registration tuition discount:
$475.00 if tuition is received in full one month prior to the start of the course)

Hours: 99 hours
(51 contact hours minimum with an additional 48 elective hours attending classes)

Program Delivery: In person theory and practical

Maximum number of Students: 6

A Certificate for Dog Behaviour and Training-Level 1 will be granted to the student who satisfactorily passes all 4 modules of the program.

Level 1 – Curriculum:

Module 1:  Animal Learning: history of dog training, evolution of dog training, evolution of breeds, classical and operant conditioning, luring, extinction, timing, schedules of reinforcement, habituation, counter conditioning, desensitization, flooding, socialization, clicker training, reading and understanding dog body language, safe handling techniques, temperament evaluation and assessment, assessment based training approach. Student must successfully pass a written exam at end of the module.

Module 2:  Dog Behavior: How to conduct behavioural consultations, practical assessments of shelter dogs, correcting and preventing specific behaviour problems, importance of play in canine communication, development of social skills during play, exercise and the effects on behaviour, protein and diet and the effects on behaviour, hormones and the effects on behaviour, genetic influences on behaviour, how to establish leadership without dominance, vaccinations, effects of spaying and neutering, attend private behavioural consultations with clients. Student must successfully pass a written exam at end of the module.

Module 3: Basic Obedience Theory and Practical: training equipment, training techniques, basic obedience commands, common faults in dog training, basic obedience practical; loose leash walking, sit, heel, stay, recall, finish, and long line training, obedience training with shelter dogs, reactive dog training with shelter dogs, recreational agility, training workshops such as come when called, loose leash walking, clicker training, nosework. Student must successfully pass a written and practical exam at end of the module.

Module 4: Designing and Marketing Classes: designing and performing private obedience classes, group obedience and puppy socializing classes, behavioural consultations, in home consultations, group intermediate obedience classes, workshops, public speaking tips, legal responsibilities, liability waivers, insurance and release forms, marketing techniques and business strategies for starting a dog training business.