Loving dogs isn’t enough to keep them safe

Just wanted to say thanks for the eye opening experience! I am so glad I took your course. I now realize that loving dogs wouldn’t have been enough to keep them truly safe if something was to happen. So thank you!

I left yesterday feeling really sad that it was over, and have decided I want to continue on with more education! If I am able to, I will sign up for the rest of your courses in the fall, or the next session. So thanks again! I look forward to the next go round!

Michelle Vrabel

Real World Experience

I love the use of daycare dogs and the animal shelter. Instructor is very knowledgeable. Amazing job.

This course was so helpful for me. I now have a clear guideline as to how to start up and build my business.

Amber is very comfortable to talk with and I know I will be able to approach her in the future for anything I need. Thanks Again.


Thank you for the great course

Hi Amber, I just wanted to write to say thank you again for the great course on Mon/Tue July 14th and 15th. I’m so glad I took the course as it has given me confidence to work with all kinds of dogs (and their people!) and keep them safe on walks.

I found all of the information very interesting and if I lived down in Van, I would take your other courses too!!

Karen Furlong

Thank you Amber

One of Amber’s recent students, Bonnie McDonald, has this to say…

” I am not sure where in the world of dog training I will end up, but thanks to you, I have the knowledge and skill to go there. Everyone has that one mentor they look up to in any career they choose. You will always be mine. Your way with dogs and people is amazing.  Hopefully one day I will be as good and knowledgeable as you!! ”

Bonnie McDonald training a deaf American Bulldog puppy in puppy class. Bonnie graduated from the International Academy of Canine Trainers this year.