About the School

Why choose the International Academy of Canine Trainers?

The International Academy of Canine Trainers is a private career training school registered with the BC Ministry of Advanced Education which is overseen by the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB). The campus is located at our spacious 3,500 square foot training facility at the Amber Cottle Canine Behavior Training Centre, in Delta, British Columbia, just 30 minutes south of Vancouver  The Amber Cottle Canine Behaviour Training Center is a full time, training center offering puppy group socializing and obedience classes, intermediate and advanced obedience training, private obedience instruction, behavior consultations and rehabilitation, recreational agility, as well as seminars and dog day care.

Our courses are designed to prepare individuals for working in the Pet Grooming and Animal Care Workers Industry (6483). Graduates of Dog Behavior and Training-Level 1, or Canine Behavior Specialist-Level 2 may find employment as a a self employed professional dog trainer, dog daycare and kennel attendant, animal care worker, dog walker, animal shelter employee, or dog handler. Graduates of the professional Dog Walking Course may find employment as a self employed dog walker or with a dog daycare or dog walking company.

The International Academy of Canine Trainers currently offers 3 different courses to provide an in depth educational experience for training pet dogs and for starting a business as a dog trainer or professional dog walker. Course curriculums are based on requirements outlined by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT.com) to ensure students get the training they need based on todays standards of positive reinforcement training and scientific learning theory. Our courses contain several different learning modalities including lecture, video presentation, hands-on practicum at the academy and the Delta Community Animal Shelter. In maintaining the standards of the academy the student will be required to perform independent study of handouts and notes from lectures, complete assigned projects, successfully pass quizzes, as well as successfully pass a practical and written exam before obtaining a certificate for the course. Please see our Student Handbook which explains the Academy’s policies.

The Academy strives to provide an exceptional learning environment where the student can participate in real life training scenarios with clients and shelter dogs. During the curriculum, students are encouraged to “shadow” the Instructor and attend as many obedience training classes as possible in order to observe and learn in actual training scenarios. Our Academy encourages the students to participate in Amber Cottle Canine Training Centre’s activities as frequently as possible to get maximum exposure to every angle of the Dog Training business.

All courses are taught by Amber Cottle, Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist: View Amber’s Resume. The school was started out of Amber’s desire to create programs based on scientific learning theory and positive reinforcement. Amber says “There are still “dog training schools” that teach other forms of training which include punishment and compulsion. I believe it is important to teach students behaviour modification techniques that are more current and have been scientifically proven to improve the health and well being of the dog.

IACT believes business planning and coaching are a crucial part of the curriculum. When you leave the Academy, you will be prepared to launch your new business or career. You will have access to our resources in marketing and design plus classes in business setup, social media savvy and a business coach to help you along the way.