Amber Cottle,
Certified Dog Trainer & Behavior Specialist

Amber Cottle is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior specialist with over 12,000 hours of experience training and rehabilitating dogs. Upon completion of Professional Dog Training-Level 1 Course in 2003, Amber started her own business in the local tennis courts conducting puppy classes and in home private training for 2-5 clients a week. Amber has grown her business over the years and now operates the  Amber Cottle Canine Behaviour Training Center in Delta where she operates a full time dog training center. Since starting her business, Amber has trained over five thousand dogs and owners and has devoted extensive time to the dogs at the Delta Community Animal Shelter. In 2005, Amber founded the International Academy of Canine Trainers to share her knowledge and experience, and encourage others to follow a rewarding career in professional pet dog training.

Through her formal education on dog psychology, training, behavior rehabilitation, and her professional experience, Amber has become a respected canine professional. Amber has also devoted countless volunteer hours to training and rehabilitating canine behavior problems at the BCSPCA and the Delta Humane Society. She has served as an elected member of the Community Advisory Committee and as Regional Councilor for the BC SPCA. In 2004, Amber founded the Delta Humane Society where she served as Executive Director, Director of Training and Rehabilitation, and then as President of the board of directors. Amber also travels to present seminars and workshops on various behavior topics such as Reading Dog Body Language, Dog Park Safety, and Common Behavior Problems in Dogs. Amber’s training tips can be seen weekly on Delta Cables’s Adopt-a-Pet program.