Dog Walking Certification Course – Sept. 8 & 9

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“The Dog Walking Certification course is a must have for anyone considering starting a dog walking business. Amber thoroughly, tells you how to start the business, the do’s and don’ts, proper equipment to use to handle dogs well, ensure safety for dogs and humans, how to handle reactive dogs, theory and practical. I now have a better understanding of a reactive dog and how to deal with it, and have been able to put it in practice in the practical part of the course.  Thank you Amber, I learned so much!”

Debbie Zurowski

We took some photos of the students in action.

Four Dogs at Once

Four Dogs at Once


Watch and Learn


Practicing in the Parking Lot


First day theory


Why choose the International Academy of Canine Trainers?

We’d like to tell you about our programs….

All the courses are based on requirements outlined by the APDT ( Association for Professional Dog Trainers). The IACT is one of only three PCTIA-registered schools in British Columbia. This registration guarantees tuition protection, curriculum standards and educator-training. IACT must annually report and conform to PCTIA guidelines.


Our courses contain several different learning modalities including lecture, video presentation, hands-on practicum at the Delta Community Animal Shelter, group training classes and one-on-one behavioural consultations with clients. Our Academy encourages the students to participate in Canine Training Centre’s daily activities to get maximum exposure to every angle of the Dog Training business.

IACT believes business planning and coaching are a crucial part of the curriculum. When you leave the Academy, you will be prepared to launch your new business or career. You will have access to our resources in marketing and design plus classes in business setup, social media savvy and a business coach to help you along the way.

The Director, Amber Cottle, has been in business for 9 years and has over 9,000 hours of dog training. Amber started her business in the local tennis courts training 2-5 clients per week.  She had only a few hundred dollars for marketing. Today Amber operates in a 3500 sq ft facility, has 3 part-time employees, has expanded into daycare, and runs classes 6 days a week ranging from puppy socializing to rally obedience.  Amber has fostered excellent relationships with many of the local veterinarians and runs training clinics for Shelter staff and vet hospital staff.

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The International Academy of Canine Trainers offers a 4 part Level 1 program.  You can sign up and pay for each module individually, or sign up and pay for the entire level.  Flexibility is part of the mandate.

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Loving dogs isn’t enough to keep them safe

Just wanted to say thanks for the eye opening experience! I am so glad I took your course. I now realize that loving dogs wouldn’t have been enough to keep them truly safe if something was to happen. So thank you!

I left yesterday feeling really sad that it was over, and have decided I want to continue on with more education! If I am able to, I will sign up for the rest of your courses in the fall, or the next session. So thanks again! I look forward to the next go round!

Michelle Vrabel